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About Us

French for Little Ones

French for Little Ones

French Immersion Playschool

The French for Little Ones Playschool program follows the French Education Nationale curriculum. Our mission is to help students develop memory and creativity, reasoning and imagination, diligence and autonomy, and foster a spirit of initiation. Intellectual development is stimulated by observation, experimentation, and active exploration.

The program is focused on the acquisition of core knowledge in five areas:​

  • Introduction to French and its structure in both oral and written skills;

  • Learn to live with others respectful of the rules of collective life;

  • Physical activities for enjoyment, to enhance control, and develop motor skills;

  • Discover the world through science and STEAM activities;

  • Create, and allow expression and imagination through art and music.


Our Philosophy at French For Little Ones is to provide students with early exposure to the French language and school experience in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. Young children learn best when learning through play, at their own pace, and in their own way. They should be exposed to a wide variety of purposeful play activities. Play and learning coexist to help students grow and achieve their very best. 

There will always be a balance of structured and unstructured activities throughout our day. The children’s work is focused on developing memory and creativity, reasoning and imagination, diligence and autonomy, and fostering a spirit of initiative. Intellectual development is stimulated with observation, experimentation, and active exploration; we give children opportunities to build on their understandings.

We offer a structured and clearly defined teaching program oriented toward the acquisition of core knowledge. Children benefit from coaching that helps them understand why reading, math, and science knowledge is useful to them. We guide them through learning tasks, finding information, and seeking multiple perspectives.

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French For Little Ones uses a scaffolded immersion model for developing French proficiency in a comfortable, stress-free way. This ensures that non-francophone students immediately begin to learn important everyday vocabulary and structures, and can have success communicating right away, without feeling as though they’ve been thrown into a bewildering environment in which they cannot understand what is going on around them.

We focus on the following subjects: Socialization and interaction with other children and teachers. Social skills are encouraged through group play, learning responsible behavior, and respect for others. Emotional growth is cultivated by promoting cooperation, a positive self-image, as well as developing trust and independence.

Our Team

French for Little Ones (FFLO) was founded by Magda Lahliti, the owner and operator of Learn French Brooklyn, Play Kids Greenpoint, and The Play Lab.

As FFLO grew, Magda handed over the reins to her Director, Sonia Gautier who has been with FFLO since its inception in 2012. Sonia is passionate about overseeing the nurturing educational environment that she has worked hard in establishing at the FFLO Playschool.

FFLO classrooms have qualified teaching teams to support our students. Class sizes are kept small to ensure individualized attention and instruction for each child. Our team consists of loving individuals who have a passion for Early Childhood Education and serving young children and families. Every staff member is a fluent French speaker meeting the requirements for their position including Early Childhood Education as well as CPR and First Aid certifications.

FFLO is committed to the opportunity to serve and teach each unique child in a positive, loving, and supportive community.​

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