Raising Arms

The early years are a magical time of growth and at FFLO French Play school Immersion Program, 

we recognize just how special this phase of life is for each child and family.

Learning is everywhere in our community.


All children are curious, capable and competent . Our young learners come to us as intelligent, creative physical and emotional children. We believe it is more powerful to listen than to tell, to honor students.


Children thrive in a positive, loving and supportive community. Powerful learning is hard work. It requires persistence, the courage to take risks and the confidence to overcome failure. This is best achieved within a strong community where parents and teachers work in partnership and where children feel known, supported and loved. We believe that young learners thrive when they feel they belong, when they know how to contribute positively to the group and when they learn to take responsibility for themselves.


Children learn better in a rich variety of dynamic teaching environments. We believe that it is essential that our young learners are offered multiple opportunities and experiences that inspire and challenge them. At FFLO French Playschool Immersion Program, students explore in our inspiring classrooms, listen stories and learn further afield at the parc of our incredible neighborhood. One of the most dynamic learning environment is the outdoor providing an endless source of fascination, multi-sensory experience and joy. Our student spend ample time in our outdoor learning.