Our 2'S program is for children who turns 2.5 years old in September 2021 and are potty trained. During the school year, children will experience social interaction. Our curriculum is design to develop appropriate use of language and practicing fine and gross motor skills. Children will be exposed to colors, shapes, letter, numbers, French songs, French reading, arts. Children will have a a daily recess at Mccarren Park to play and explore nature. Official instructions structure this learning in five areas

  • Enrich the langage and its structure

  • Lear to live with other and respect rules of collective lives

  • Act with the body, control movement and develop motor skills

  • Discover the world around

  • Create and imagine through the visual arts and music


Our 3'S program is for children who are between 3 to 3.5 years old in September 2021 and is following the French Education Program of Maternelle Moyenne Section. The children’s work is focused on developing memory and creativity, reasoning and imagination, diligence and autonomy, and fostering the spirit of initiative. Intellectual development is stimulated with observation, experimentation, and active exploration; we give children opportunities to build on their understandings. We go to the park every day for games (weather permitting ) Daily communication at the end of their day and mid-year report keep parents informed of their child's progress and daily activities. Children have to be FULLY POTTY TRAINED when attending the  program. Official instructions structure this learning in 5 areas :

  • Becoming a student

  • Enrich the French Language and its structure, exploring literacy and language skills

  • Critical thinking and building numeracy and maths skills

  • Discover the world around and physical activity 

  • Create and imagine through the visual arts and music 

The 4'S Program is now full but tours are currently available if you wish to be on the waiting list.


 4'S Program

Class Full, please send us an email to let us know if you would like to be on our waiting list


Our 4's program is for children who are 3.6 and up by September 2021.  This program is based on the Maternelle Moyenne and Grande Section curriculum from the French Education Nationale. This program is aimed at maintaining the fundamental idea behind French For Little Ones: to offer francophone families easier access to an affordable and high quality francophone education but also a good preparation for the next step Kindergarten.


We offer a structured and clearly defined program oriented toward the acquisition of core knowledge. Children benefit from coaching that helps them understand why reading, math and science knowledge is useful to them. We guide them through learning tasks, finding information, and seeking multiple perspectives. Daily communication at the end of their day and mid-year report keep parents informed of their child's progress .

Students are prepared for success in elementary school from a balance of academic and social development, physical well-being and creative expression.