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Welcome to French for little ones, French Classes for Children.

Founded in 2008, French For Little Ones philosophy  is to provide students with an early exposure to the French language in a fun, safe and engaging environment. Our Programs include a French Immersion Playgroup for children 2 to 4 years old, Enrichment After school classes, Mommy and Me classes and Summer Camp. Our French Program is  is based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


In our French Immersion Program  ( 2, 3 or 5 days) the children’s work is focused on developing memory and creativity, reasoning and imagination, diligence and autonomy, and fostering the spirit of initiative. Intellectual development is stimulated with observation, experimentation, and active exploration; we give children opportunities to build on their understandings.


We offer a structured and clearly defined program oriented toward the acquisition of core knowledge. Children benefit from coaching that helps them understand why reading, math and science knowledge is useful to them. We guide them through learning tasks, finding information, and seeking multiple perspectives.


We focus on the following subjects: Socialization and interaction with other children and teachers. Social skills are encouraged through group play, learning responsible behavior, and respect for others. Emotional growth is cultivated by promoting cooperation, a positive self-image, as well as developing trust and independence.

Young children learn best when learning through play, at their own pace, in their own way.


French For Little Ones uses a scaffolded immersion model for developing French proficiency in a comfortable, stress-free way. This ensures that non-francophone students immediately begin to learn important everyday vocabulary and structures, and can have success communicating right away, without feeling as though they've been thrown into a bewildering environment in which they cannot understand what is going on around them. 




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